Healthy lifestyle is one key to live long in this world of chaos. Food has been a big factor in achieving a good health and feel better everyday. Most of us are getting big, fat, and heavy as we age because of lazyness and wrong habbits in eating, less exercise, and slow metabolism function of our body.

Because of that some of us are into diet to lose weight!

The problem with traditional diets:

  • They are faddy. They don’t tell you how to eat when you finish the diet so you pile back on any weight you’ve lost and more
  • You often feel hungry during the diets as you just eat fewer processed sugary foods that don’t sustain you
  • They are more focused on weight loss often at the expense of your health leading to nutritional deficiencies and health problems
  • Meals take too long to prepare
  • Special food or pre-packaged meals have to be bought which makes the diet very expensive and leads to dependencies on being able to get hold of these products

Green smoothie is one option!

What the Green smoothie diet can do for you:

  • Kick-start your weight loss
  • Improve your health, with immediately noticeable health benefits
  • Reduce your hunger which helps you stick to the diet
  • Save you time preparing and eating food while still eating unprocessed food
  • Cost saving options helping you to reduce your weekly food bill

Although there are people who cannot use to these kind of method, checkout these lists if its for you or not.

The Green Thickies 7 DAY DIET PLAN is NOT for you if:

  • You don’t like smoothies
  • You can’t live without your meat and dairy for a week
  • You want to spend hours preparing complicated and expensive meals
  • You like to sit down for a big breakfast every day
  • You prefer to try the latest faddy diets which leave you feeling hungry and weak

The Green Thickies 7 DAY DIET PLAN IS for you if:

  • You love healthy smoothies which give you more energy and reduce your cravings
  • You want to feel lighter and detox your body by having a break from your existing diet
  • You want to spend less time preparing meals
  • You want to eat a healthy breakfast and lunch quickly or on the go
  • You want to easily lose weight without going hungry