We love food and we cannot resist sometimes to eat too much until our stomach is full and feeling bloated. Bloating happens to us all and we consider just a simple abdominal pain that we are not aware of it.

Common cause of bloating and digestion pain is an air and gas build up in the our gastrointestinal system.

This occurs mostly after eating when we do things that cause it to happens.

Health condition is one reason also why certain people feel the sensation of pain.

We can avoid bloating by….

  • Stop talking while eating
    Talking while eating allows gas to enter
  • Do not chew gum after eating
    Chewing gum more often can cause air build up to our gastrointestinal
  • Do not take more fiber
    High fiber foods like beans, fruits, whole grain oats, and so on produce too much amouth of gas
  • Eating slowly
    Fast eating like in a hurry creates a possible air swallow that leads to gas build to our gastrointestinal
  • Being aware of your food allergies
    It can cause excessive gas production if you have some allergy with certain foods.
  • Taking food supplements that can help your digestion
    Supplements for digestive enzyme can help break down indigestible carbohydrates
  • Taking Probiotic
    Probiotic can help reduce gas production

Point of View:

There are a lot of ways we can do to avoid the feeling of pain to our body. These are just some of the simple things that we are not aware but has an impact in our healthy living. We have nothing to loose if we consider it!



  • Finally put an end to painful digestion problems — help your body digest like it’s meant to, and start enjoying food again

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  • Supercharge your energy levels — reduce the energy needs of your digestive process, for surplus energy to use where YOU need it

  • Clear and cleanse away all the undigested protein that’s been rotting in you gut(and allowing bacteria to thrive!)

  • Take the stress off your digestive system for stronger and healthier digestion that helps reduce inflammation

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  • Help prevent nutritional deficiency — boost your absorption of certain vitamins, like folate (essential for metabolizing amino acids), by up to 50%

  • Keep your joints supple and protected — with a 42% improvement in glucosamine absorption to help reduce pain, stiffness, and swelling

  • Speed up muscle recovery and improve your performance with a 55% increase in glucose absorption

  • Help repair damaged intestinal walls — restore your body’s ability to absorb nutrients, just like it’s meant to

  • Recover from training up to 75% faster, without adding more sleep, saunas, ice baths, or stretching into your routine.